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The main products include (1) screw hand cranked hoist 3T-30T: hand pushed lock type hoist, fully enclosed hoist 0.3-5T screw side cranked hoist 0.5-5T manual electric dual-purpose hoist 3T-100T (single and double lifting points). (2) QPQ, QPK, QPG, QHQ single lifting hoist, double lifting point hoist, mobile winch hoist 6-100T. (3) Cast iron gates, high-pressure cast iron gates, ductile iron gates, nickel chromium alloy cast iron gates, copper inlaid cast iron gates, flap gates, tide gates, steel gates, stainless steel gates, etc. (4) Hydraulic steel dam, landscape steel dam gate, hydraulic flap gate (5) Various specifications of waterproof rubber and expansion joint rubber tape....



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